CodeClub – 2nd March 2020

This week we’ll be bringing everything we’ve learned so far – loops, if/else statements, variables and movement, together to make a game – Boat Race!

Our Pythonistas will be working on their ISS Mission Zero submission, and also looking at how we can interface the Raspberry Pi with switches and lights!

Boat Race Activity Instructions:

Boat Race Starter Project:

CodeClub – 9th February

Last week we had fun playing with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S VR headsets, getting used to moving around in Virtual Reality!

This week, we’re back to reality proper with our next Scratch activity – Chat Bot – this exercise focuses on input and output, and introduces the “if” block and conditional statements.

Scratch Activity:

Scratch 3.0:

For our Python people, we’ll be doing more SenseHAT development getting ready to submit our code to the International Space Station!

CodeClub – 27th January 2020

Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!

Our Scratch Activity this week is making a ghost catching game, which introduces Loops and Variables!

Our Python coders will be programming the Raspberry Pi SenseHat, and learning more about the Python language.

To open Scratch click here:

For the “Ghostbusters” activity, click here:

CodeClub – 20th January 2020

This week we’re going to make a Space game in Scratch! We’ll be animating spaceships and moving them around the screen!

For our Python coders, we’ll be starting learning to use Python and getting used to typing in programs rather than using code blocks to program.

To open Scratch click here:

For the “Lost in Space” activity, click here:

For the Python Activity, click here:

CodeClub – 25th March 2019

A relaxed session today as it’s just before the Easter holidays!

This week, we’ll be looking at the Boat Race game again from last week, and also doing some 3D printing, and programming a Drone using Scratch!!

As it’s the last session before the holidays, we’ll also have some games on the Nintendo Switch to play for some relaxation!

CodeClub – 4th March


Today we’ll be making our own art program in Scratch, working on the “Paint Box” activity and looking at Loops, and IF – Else statements.

We’ll also be continuing to work on our Raspberry Pi submission in Python for the Mission Zero project to get our program loaded on the Raspberry Pi on the International Space Station!

Scratch Activity – INSTRUCTIONS:

Scratch Activity – STARTER PROJECT: