Week 7 – Mission Patch & Competition Time!

This week, we’ll be choosing our Space Mission Patch design!!!!  We’ve already chosen the project name, “Stargazer”, and we’re looking forward to our mission patch submissions – the chosen design will be posted here after the club!

For our coding activity we’ll be looking at the Tech Toys scratch activity which will introduce “messages” in Scratch.

We’ll also start working on entries for the CodeClub Hobbies & Interests competition – we can only submit one entry, so the Club members will choose which we will put forward.

The Tech Toys activity notes (starter project) are available here:

Starter Project:  https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/109832775/#editor

Activity Notes:   https://codeclubprojects.org/en-GB/scratch/tech-toys/

Space Project: Name chosen!

After some excellent suggestions at CodeClub, the members chose the name of our project to launch a balloon to the edge of space!  The winning name was suggested by Luke, and is:


We’re now looking for a “Mission Patch” design for our project – we’ve had 2 entries already, which are looking good – but all members are encouraged to submit an entry if they want to for the next CodeClub session on the 12th March.  We’ll put entries to a vote, and the winner will become our official mission patch!!!

Week 6 Slides

We had a great session yesterday (5th March), with the club members writing their own Scratch games – some very inventive ones!!  We were a little tight for time, but we’ll post some of them up to the site next week for you to see what they’ve created!

Meantime, slides for Week 6 are here: Week 6 Slides

Week 5 Activities

This week we’re going to be doing:

Scratch:  the chatbot activity:   ChatBot Project

Python:  Turtle Racing (or whichever you’re up to):  Turtle Race!

Or, if you didn’t make one previously, you can design a keyring in TinkerCAD (use the link at the top right of this page).  Remember to “Group” shapes to remove them (i.e. add a cylinder into a block to make a hole in it!).

Week 4 Slides

Code Club Week 4 slides, where we looked at TinkerCAD and 3D printing, are available from here:  Week4

For Week 5, we’ll be getting back to Python & Scratch, and for those who didn’t do a key ring, or need to do it again, we can revisit TinkerCAD for some more 3d designing!

NB:  NO CODE CLUB on the 26th of February – the meeting then will be postponed to the 5th March, which will be the last session in this block.

Week 3 Slides, and Week 4 preview

Week 4 preview!

This week, we’re going to be looking at 3D Printing and modelling with an online modelling application.  Hopefully we’ll have time to print out a few designs also!

No code club next week due to the in-service day, so after the 5th Feb, the next session will be on the 19th!

Week 3 slides are now available:   CodeClub 3