No code Club 14th May! Plus previous weeks slides.

Hi everyone – just a reminder there is NO Code Club meeting this week (14th May) – normal service resumes on the 21st of May however.

All the main components of our balloon mission tracking device have arrived, along with our payload box.  On the 21st we’ll be looking at Radio Tracking, and we’ll need to finally decide what we want to send up into space ready for launch before the Summer Holidays!

Slides from the previous two weeks of code club, where we talked about the atmosphere, and used Unity to make a 360 Photo viewer of the school (which will be posted on here shortly), and a game where you shoot tennis balls at boxes!

CodeClub Term 3 – week 2: CodeClub – Term 3, week 2.

CodeClub Term 3 – week 3: CodeClub – Term 3, week 3.