Code Club – 18th Feb, 2019

Welcome back to Code Club after the mid-term break! This week we’ll be working on input and output with scratch, building a chatbot! And for those students looking at Python and the SenseHat we’ll be learning how to display the temperature and pressure, and look at displaying graphics.

The Scratch Activity can be found here:

And for Python, here’s two handy cheatsheets for the SenseHat and the Python language itself:

21st Jan – Week 2 Activites

Welcome back! Last week we checked that Scratch was working on the school laptops (not always a given!), and we made our first scratch program! This week we’re going to add animation with the “Lost in Space” activity!

Scratch Activity instructions:

Scratch 3.0:

We’ll also be looking at programming the SenseHat on the RaspberryPi using Python – ready for our Mission Zero project submission where our programs will run on the Space Station!

14th Jan – Week 1 Activities

Welcome to Code Club!

Today we’re going to be checking everyone can get logged into the laptops, we’ll have an introduction to Scratch 3.0, and we’ll try a Scratch activity!  Python programmers can also get started with the Raspberry Pi.

Scratch Activity:

We’re back!!! Code club starts again on the 14th

Airyhall Code Club starts back for the 2019 term on the 14th January!!

We have several exciting projects this year, including the launch of our High Altitude Weather balloon which was postponed from last year due to the weather, and we’ll also be writing programs in Python which will be run on the International Space Station – in Space!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  We’re running a smaller class size this time around, and appreciate that not everyone who applied was able to be accepted into this first group.  We’ll be looking at running another session in the term before summer so more people get the chance to attend.

See you on Monday!

No code Club 14th May! Plus previous weeks slides.

Hi everyone – just a reminder there is NO Code Club meeting this week (14th May) – normal service resumes on the 21st of May however.

All the main components of our balloon mission tracking device have arrived, along with our payload box.  On the 21st we’ll be looking at Radio Tracking, and we’ll need to finally decide what we want to send up into space ready for launch before the Summer Holidays!

Slides from the previous two weeks of code club, where we talked about the atmosphere, and used Unity to make a 360 Photo viewer of the school (which will be posted on here shortly), and a game where you shoot tennis balls at boxes!

CodeClub Term 3 – week 2: CodeClub – Term 3, week 2.

CodeClub Term 3 – week 3: CodeClub – Term 3, week 3.