Code Club Week 3 Preview

This week at code club we’ll be doing Activity 3 from the CodeClub Scratch projects website – Ghostbusters!!!  Click on the ghosts to zap them, and earn a point!  This builds on last week’s session with using variables for the “score”, and more about events, and animation.

Scratch – Project 3 – Ghostbusters

For Python, we’re going to look at the 2nd activity which introduces the randint (Random Integer) function to make random choices in games.

Python – Project 2 – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Also, for some of the more advanced members, we’ll get the RaspberryPi and SenseHat up and running, and they can start using the screen and temperature/pressure/magentometer and gyroscope built into the SenseHat in programs.

CodeClub Week 2 Preview

We’re going to hit the ground running for Week 2!   Code club members should login to their laptops first, before snack, and that’ll let us troubleshoot any login issues without using up club time 🙂

Week 2 will be a recap of Week 1 just to make sure everyone is familiar with the core concepts.  For Scratch, we’ll then do the 2nd Activity, which is:

Scratch: Lost In Space

This builds on the introduction to coordinates which we talked about last week.  We’ll also start looking at Python for those members who want to do more code-based programming, and we’ll do the first Python activity, which is about printing, and an introduction to variables.

Python: About me!