No code Club 14th May! Plus previous weeks slides.

Hi everyone – just a reminder there is NO Code Club meeting this week (14th May) – normal service resumes on the 21st of May however.

All the main components of our balloon mission tracking device have arrived, along with our payload box.  On the 21st we’ll be looking at Radio Tracking, and we’ll need to finally decide what we want to send up into space ready for launch before the Summer Holidays!

Slides from the previous two weeks of code club, where we talked about the atmosphere, and used Unity to make a 360 Photo viewer of the school (which will be posted on here shortly), and a game where you shoot tennis balls at boxes!

CodeClub Term 3 – week 2: CodeClub – Term 3, week 2.

CodeClub Term 3 – week 3: CodeClub – Term 3, week 3.

Stargazer Space Mission Logo!

And here it is!  Our Stargazer Mission logo!    The logo was chosen from several entries, and the winning design was from Aon.  Well done!   The Stargazer name was Luke’s entry, and both Aon and Luke received a very very limited edition, (only 2 in existence!), logo mug!  All code club members took away a mission patch sticker too!

We’ll be starting in earnest on our Stargazer mission to launch a weather balloon to the edge of space after the Easter Holidays!  Stay tuned for our launch schedule and mission updates!

Week 7 Slides, and Week 8 look ahead

This last week CodeClub members have been making digital collages in Scratch about their hobbies and interests. is running a competition for the best collages, and we’re aiming to submit an entry after the next meeting.  We’re restricted to one entry per club, so the members will choose the best one to represent our club for the competition.  Deadline for submission is the 23rd March, and we will require parental consent to submit the selected entry.

More information on the competition is available here:

Slides from week 7 are also available here: Week 7 Slides


For next week (Week 8), we’ll be continuing to work on our collages, selecting our space mission patch (bring your design along!) for our Stargazer Space Project, and creating either a boat race game, or an art program in Scratch.